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An interesting article showed up in my email recently due to me signing up for Fast Company several years ago and being too lazy to unsubscribe from it, although I have been unsubscribing from a large number of newsletters and publications of late. The article is titled Just Buy the F***ing Latte by Sallie Krawcheck.

I love the title of the article, as it reflects my own feelings on the topic. …

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Let’s say that I owe you fifty bucks.

How exactly should we make this happen?

You need the money immediately, so how about I Venmo it over to you?

Oh, you’re not on Venmo. Then you must use Zelle.

More of a PayPal kind of person?

Prefer a brand new, crisp Grant to put in your pocket?

Perhaps you don’t mind waiting for a check to make its way to you through the mail; then a few days or weeks after it shows up, assuming that it does, you will head over to your bank or an ATM somewhere to…

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My wife made this for our dinner last night.

It was super tasty.

We had just recently finished watching every episode of Somebody Feed Phil, one of the numerous shows that we have been streaming on Netflix during the pandemic, and both of us like a term that he uses — Zobble it up.

There are not any references to it almost anywhere, but it is a term that he uses to soak up delicious sauce with bread.

That said, besides being one of the tastier chicken dishes that we have had for a while, the four of us including…

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My wife just told me that I am getting too emotional about a business transaction today, and she is absolutely right.

Since she does not care to hear about it, I share the following with you to explain why the fifty grand that my late grandfather made for me today is so meaningful to me.

If you are a parent, it may get you thinking about how not if you will help fund your child’s college education.

Many moons ago, when I was just a young buck of about twenty-four, my maternal grandfather, with whom I was extremely close, took…

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Now That’s Some Lazy Money!

I have some money that has been super lazy.

I suppose that I am really to blame since I have allowed it to be.

As a reader of this publication, surely you already know that having funds sit for years and years just relaxing and not growing or accomplishing anything besides surviving is not a path to great wealth.

Serving as a rainy-day fund?

Sure, lazy money can do that.

Sitting around on the couch waiting for the motivation to do something or go to work?

Sure, I suppose it may have been doing that.

But in the spirit of…

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When it comes to procrastinating, I am among the best!

If putting something off for too long, or forever, was the optimal path to wealth and success, I would not have to bother hustling ever again.

For far too long, I have contemplated all the things that I would share, along with sage advice on how to overcome that thing that so many of us struggle with. At some point, I will complete that “7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination” story that has remained in draft form for a month, along with a hundred other stories. But when?

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All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA on Wikimedia

My wife was kind enough to download the CBS all access app today for a free one-week trial.

All so I can watch this game whose heavily copyrighted name we are not supposed to invoke, but here I am living dangerously because you already know it’s the Super Bowl.

I’m not the type of dude who really enjoys the halftime extravaganza or all the commercials. I mostly like seeing game-winning drives including clutch field goals and acrobatic receptions in the back corner of the end zone.

I am more excited about my wife making ribs tonight than I am for…

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

As I returned to work this February morning, I reached into the right pocket of my jeans.

On one positive note from the pandemic because, after all, we should take them where we find them, the City Manager at the municipality where I have worked since spring of 2005 amended our dress code soon after it began.

Sure, when a developer, potential new business, and/or elected official comes to meet with us, we are still expected to dress appropriately. …

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I very much want to become a little wealthy. I do not know you, but if you are not already a little wealthy, I want you to be as well.

Mind you, I typically eschew the word “rich.” I do not envision myself becoming a multimillionaire who can buy whatever I want, control where and when I go and what I do at all times, and be able to lavish my family with the things that I think they deserve.

I just want to be a little bit wealthy.

Through my day job, I frequently meet with a successful developer…

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Thirty-two months ago in June of 2015, I hit my ten year anniversary at my current place of work. Upon that anniversary, my annual allotment of vacation days increased from fifteen days to twenty.

I had already been a good hard worker bee for twenty-two years at that point consisting of nine years with Crook County and then three years with a horrible town that employed me from spring of 2002 through spring of 2005 during which time my son was very young and my daughter was born, and ten years with my current organization.

I had occasionally cashed out…

M. Bernard Bloom

I am a middle aged middle class guy living in the Midwest. Married father of two children and a Morkie. Long-time economic developer and former P.O.

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